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Reverend Lori Fleming

We are an open-minded, accepting spiritual community that honors all paths to God and helps people discover and live their spiritual potential and purpose.

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Unity of Carefree Cave Creek​

Sunday, February 19, 2017

10:00 AM

Let Us Pray!

​One thing that most of the Christian denominations share is the use of the Lord’s Prayer.  Although it was never meant to be prayed in a rote way, this simple, efficacious and deeply spiritual prayer connects us with the nature of God in wholeness.  It recognizes God as our source and claims our good as we experience God’s abundance for us.

Join us this week as we unpack this great prayer and discover its power to create lives filled with peace, love, joy and prosperity.

Meeting Location (Rev. Lori's Home) 
5504 E. Palo Brea Lane
(Montevista Neighborhood)
Cave Creek, AZ 85331

Enter neighborhood through open gate off 56th Street
The gate on Dixileta is now closed  

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Unity of Carefree Cave Creek

We honor all paths to God, especially the one you are on and provide a philosophy that is spiritual, not religious and love-based, not fear based.
We are inclusive and believe that all people are created with sacred worth.
We strive to help individuals have a stronger connection to God everyday by helping them feel empowered, accepted, loved, inspired and connected.

The laws of prayer requires a spiritually developed mind to give them full expression; hence not all persons are at once competent to cover the whole range of mental and spiritual activity requisite to the unfailing demonstration of prayer "Twelve Powers of Man" by Charles Fillmore 

Constructive words that renew the body are made part of the body consciousness by prayer and meditation.

"Mysteries of John" by Charles Fillmore

 No prayer will be answered unless it has the power of genuine belief behind it. It is a waste of time to pray when you know you are only giving lip service to it.

"How to Use the Power of Prayer" by Harold Sherman​​