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Unity of Carefree Cave Creek

We honor all paths to God, especially the one you are on and provide a philosophy that is spiritual, not religious and love-based, not fear based.
We are inclusive and believe that all people are created with sacred worth.

We strive to help individuals have a stronger connection to God everyday by helping them feel empowered, accepted, loved, inspired and connected.

"To be significant, all you have to do is make a difference with others wherever you are, with whatever you have, day by day."   John Maxwell

"To dare is to lose one's footing momentarily.  Not to dare is to lose oneself."  Soren Kierkegaard



We are an open-minded, accepting spiritual community that honors all paths to God and helps people discover and live their spiritual potential and purpose.

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Reverend Lori Fleming

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Unity of Carefree Cave Creek
10:00 AM

Sunday, August 28, 2016
Two Masters, One Message:  
Part 2

Today we live in a world where culture and belief collide, sometimes with understanding and respect, sometimes with fear and mistrust.  Many of the world’s greatest thinkers, philosophers, and master teachers espouse compassion, tolerance and non-violence.  What matters is not a scholarly discourse on the differences between religious beliefs, but that these teachings can offer us practices and instructions for ways to live our lives and free our hearts to a more open pluralism between people. 

Join us this week as we compare the great teachings of Jesus and Buddha in a way that will have the power to illuminate our hearts and transform our lives.

Meeting Location (Rev. Lori's Home) 
5504 E. Palo Brea Lane
(Montevista Neighborhood)
Cave Creek, AZ 85331

Enter neighborhood through open gate off 56th Street
The gate on Dixileta is now closed  

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you think might like to attend!

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